Tuesday, July 31, 2007


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We all know and love what is considered FireFox in the "Internet World."  However, we also know that Google put its money where it's mouth...was and put it all into a nifty browser called Opera.  Years ago I will admit, I fiddled with the Opera phenomenon....before it was free you freaks!  However, it was never liked at the time never free.  Well I met a kid at school once who was beyond cool yet....pshaa he used Opera.  Again I tried and it failed flat on it's fat oval face.  I picked it up the other day and here we go for a second time.  Things have come along way with the browser and man has it changed.  Take your own time and check it out but don't come running when you put Firefox on the background.  Ciao all....and sorry for the lame / speradic updates for all my....non-users.

Podcast of the Week: GFW Radio.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An Ipod for a Day

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If you do not know how unbelievably anti apple I am you truly don't know me. But if you take the word "ipod" away from the whole picture and use DAP (Digital Audio Player) instead, we find tons of cool things to do. You can have you kids download webcasts and respond to them, kids can use them as study tools with books, you can download content and show it through certain playback systems, etc. All of these things allow the teacher to take one step closer to how the students learn in our digital age. However, according to this site the top 17th (out of 50) thing to do with your ipod is get mugged. I guess that will teach you not to buy anything from apple again...and we all need that sometime in our life.