Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yep, cool is now official

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An amazing compilation of what you might think is cool but clearly...and I mean clearly is not can be found here. Tread lightly, this is coming off the front page of Digg and looks to be absolutely brow beaten with bandwidth. Most notable excerpts (although I do not believe the long boarding one to be true):

Blue Tooth Headsets:

WHY YOU THINK YOU’RE COOL: All the other losers have to use their hands when they talk on the phone. Not you! You can talk on your phone and at the same time safely give some loser the finger because they’re only driving the speed limit. It’s Tuesday, doesn’t this asshole know you have your jujitsu class at 24 hour fitness to go to?

WHY YOU’RE NOT COOL: I don’t give a shit if you’re talking to someone on the other end, when you’re in a Subway Sandwiches and they’re trying to take your order while you say “Listen, you give me that paperwork for the Johnson account by tomorrow or it’s your ass. No mayo. I said no Mayo! Yeah, that’s right, Johnson account on my desk! No pepperoncinis!” it’s pretty god damn confusing and asshole-ish to everyone trying to deal with you. Answer your phone when you have time to hold it in your hand. The only people that should be wearing blue tooth wireless headsets are military field generals and the people that work the day after thanksgiving sale at Old Navy.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sneaky, Sneaky

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Well we all know the headaches that are included in visteh have driven people right off the edge and actually right into the arms of the arms of us contractors to peel the "visitaness" from their laptops and desktops and re install a version of XP. Also, we all know that we are no longer going to be able to buy XP after June which simply means the number of XP torrents out there will balloon like no tomorrow (KIDS! Don't download unless you own!! RIAA will PAWN you!...or whatever).

So now Gates is comming out here and saying that well ya know, we know it is crap but hey, the next one is gonna be better? Really Mr. Gates, Really? Just a couple of months ago you and that vampire on coke you call Ballmer was adamant that Vysta was the future and you had created something that could be fixed. Well guess SP 1 didn't do it for it so get your stuff together and lets release something great and something that will want me to not buy a MBP....doubt it but I guarentee I will load it on there to test it out. Peace!

PS: Don't hate Vaista because it is complicated, it tis cool, just give it a whirl. But if you don't have the hardware, skip XP, own Ubuntu you will be much cooler.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


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Having been an uber geek and indulging myself in the ass crack rock huffing that is the new IronMan last night I noticed something that peaked my interest in the 20 minutes of trailers. The new Indiana Jones movie sees the big screen this summer. Now being an even larger uber geek to the original Jones movies there should be some equally exiting moments in the new Legos Indiana Jones original series that is comming out as well. A couple of clicks around the good ole web and woola! An amazing new trailer showing some in game action / amazing backgrounds and a sense of amazingness for every uber geek (regardless of age) comming soon. Movie can be seen here

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Oh yeah and this one two! I know, how in the world could I forget?!