Thursday, November 8, 2007

i -DEN

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Language warning:

Alright folks, not to put people in a pinch but nextel FUCKING BLOWS. Now if you do not know I have been trying to calm my language because this industry is attracts it like no one's business. The whole i-DEN network is one the largest heap of steaming crap that I have ever seen. It is actually so bad that the Sprint network that bought them out refuses to incorporate them into their very business...of course this is not to say that Sprint has got a lot going for them these days but...oh well. Just remember....Nextel = tards peeling bannanas.

Opera Mini 4

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Well we all know that you are not a techno geek unless you have an uber cool techno geek ish phone thing. Anyway, if you dropped the dough for that fly phone then I atleast hope you are continuing to drop it on an unlimited data plan because...frankly there is no reason to have most of those features without being able to connect to the net whenever you feel the urge.

So....since you can connect to the net, how are you going to surf it? My response is the new un-beta'd Opera Mini 4. The 3rd and last beta sat on my phone for the past couple of months but due to a complete lack of compatability where the browser would actually soft crash my phone it was useless unless I was in heavily saturated coverage areas....which are far and few between round here. However, when I did use it was 100 hundred times better then Blazer which is the default for you'ze palm users. Now though, I would love to say that the browser is mostly perfect.

It has a sleek interface that seems to flip through pages extremelly easy. It shows a hugely zoomed out version of the web page though it zooms in and out when you need and even allows you to scroll by holding and pulling the screen which is a nice feature from using the tactile buttons on the center of my palm. Overall it is rather a small feature set but it makes browsing on anything that isn't an Iphone a simle, elegent and fun activity which is often times needed when you are getting mentally screwed by someone singing about airport security.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Be a part of a NanOriMo without the work!

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If you do not all know, this month is National Write a Novel Month. The sporatic and almost ghosted posting is due to me actually attempting to pull this one off. You have to complete 175 pages or 50,0o0 words from the 12:01 am on the 1st of the month until 11:59 on the 30th. This basically means that one needs to produce around 6 pages of prose writing per! So far I am around 36 pages in which is around 6 pages down which I think is good.

If you want to contribute to the writing though I am focusing on a fiction set in a techno / steam punk / victorian time frame. You are welcome to comment on...well anything that you want to see. Should my main character die in a horrific fire fight with his older, sometimes thought to be queer brother? You tell me and I will send a snippet to your email of choice and if this gets big I will start posting revisions on squib so the whole world can see it and what you have contributed. Bring on the ideas all!!!