Thursday, May 24, 2007

SC 2

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Well anyone who has a life...or rather does not, knows that Blizzard Entertainment announced this past weekend that they would be releasing Starcraft 2. The buz around it seems to imply that perhaps an open beta perhaps this year and/or even the game itself will be released by the end of next year. Which would make sense since they were claiming they had been working on it since 2003. Well as I am cleaning the poop out of my pants in anticipation; downloading, installing and playing the first one has been a nostalgic romp back to 1998 and my fleeting love of strategy games....ala c&c 3 and Warfront.

Game of Choice: Starcraft / Dead or Alive 4
Feisty Fawn: Flawless....month and half
Cell Reception: Flawless...peeing myself.


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One phone call to the AP test technicians led to an insightful yet odd sounding idea on how to fix the IME which apparently can withhold a user from effectively typing anything on the first question of the Japanese Exam:

solution: Simply turn off the ability of the language bar to appear on the start menu portion of windows XP.

During test day everything goes swell until the moment the student reaches the test. A sound is made that incites an idea that the very same thing has occurred as it did on the first day of the exam.

On the phone with tech support and oops, you were SUPPOSED to leave the check-box checked that said "place the language bar on the start bar." Man, how could we have messed it up that badly. Simply restart the test and we should be good to go. For now it seems like it is working but if there exists a more amateur bunch of people who are coding I dare for you to show me. Because quite frankly these people are morons.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Palm and People

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Well, I received my nice and new (shiny?) 755p today and do to Sprint's awesomeness I now have service wherever I go and I am able to do everything that one should do anywhere else in this world...minus Virginia.

Anyway, without really getting into the whole technical side of business it seems to be a more compact, sleeker, and much more complicated piece of machinery over my TUngsten E. It also is ridiculously light and looks absolutely pimp in burgundy.

Well it is down to that time of year that teachers are going overboard to the point that they are hounding on any scapegoat they can find because something went wrong. Well, there is an amazingly simple answer to all this mess: If you were to use the software when you were supposed to (every day of the year) you would not have problems logging in, modifying items, updating software, etc. The one thing that so few people understand who actually teach is that if you want to hold your students accountable for the work they have to do then you should show some common sense and keep your end of the accountability deal. Nuff said?

Monday, May 21, 2007

One word.....starts with 'G'....Flatchulence!

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Questionable Context Reading:

Well we all know that if we haul on as we will, by the time Wednesday the 23 rolls around we will see gas prices over 3 dollars for the longest recorded period by the AAA. Now I know that I try to withstand from the petty problems that our state of the union has under it's belt but I am sorry. A statement like this:

"The current price increases are due to problems in gasoline supplies and refinery output"

is an out right lie and if you do not know it or believe it you are a complete idiot! What has changed in the past 90 days that has caused the prices to soar out of control...nothing, BINGO! You know what would help this situation, and even though I hate the subject and almost every teacher who teaches it is neurotic but a little course called economics. This has begun to be an over the top ramble but someone needs to kick someone where the sun continues to fail to shine. Oh and this is coming from someone who majored in Political Science.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Something for the Soul

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In the event of a solid lightning strike please rinse and repeat:

one broken box:

1 new processor

1 new mobo

1 gig of ram

2 sata 360gig drives

1 sata 80 gig source drive

1 ati x1950 gt

Lots of love. He who does not like to rebuild comps doesn't belong in the realm of technology. Arriving at work today was one of the most forced, stressful things in the world however; after a simple rebuild I am right ready to take on the world....minus GroupWise

Monday, May 14, 2007


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We all know that there are just some days (weeks) where we have completely way too much stuff to do. This has been going of for the past couple weeks and has altered my blogging abilities. Moreover, the public and private schools out there are all winding down and looking for reasons to try and keep the children preoccupied. For the technology folk they are wondering what they are going to do for the summer that will help the school for the following school year. This, lightning, mothers day and everything else can sometimes haze our scheduling abilities therefore leaving us with a lot of stuff to do and no where enough time to do it. A tip for anyone going bonkers: Quit for the day and do something you love that has to do with exercise (go for a long cycle ride, run, water ski, etc) and come back and enjoy your day with something that isn't coding, looking towards the future, or what is broken right now. This will release the pressure on your brain and will calm you for the impending storm. Moreover, shopping is too expensive; just remember....there will always be tomorrow. And now some words of wisdom:

Best Buy: Shocks Junga

Gaming: XBOX 360 ELITE!!!