Monday, July 28, 2008

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Alright, so in my quick haste to find this picture it looks as if only some of it has come up. What it is is a place where you can go and blow your whistle at someone who is using pirated software. Then if these people do a report and it comes up positive you might be eligible to win 1 million dollars. Lets brake this down from here shall we?
If you or anyone were to blow the whistle on someone who is a supposed "pirateer" then you would be blowing it all over the place. Most of us DO use pirated software (I can't because I own a tech business) whether it be Adobe suites (overpriced) or Office suites (Overpriced). Perhaps we have hit a relative idea. Maybe if software companies would lower the prices of their actual software there might be more people buying rather then pirating. For now though, you should know that you are not going to make too many friends by blowing a whistle in their face. Especially when you have zero chin...I mean zero. Oh, and their catch phrase "know it I report it I reward it" has more spelling and grammer mistakes then most of my blog posts. As long as there is windows, there will always be pirating; get used to it and stop crying. Result.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lasting Remarks

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Yello all my non listeners (readers really) out there. I have spent the larger part of my time in my new state to acquire what one might call a "yob." All is well and blogging shall resume in its very random interval. Twittering has also died down to my large time investment with the yob but we are going to try and up the ante there as well. Stay tuned for the same un-reversible humor, quaint technology reviews, and an overall good time. Bloggings shall comence once again....NOW!

Friday, July 11, 2008


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Huh, well, where we are...RIGHT now there seems to be a lack of what needs to be dubbed "Iphonery."

Iphonery (V): 1) The action of doing something completely ridiculous in order to acquire a
"special" piece of technology.
2) A shorter phrase then "poop socking with the Iphone."

The AT&T store has literally been un-inundated with people, tents, wafting smells, beer, and drive by's. We shall see in the morning how things go but it looks like it will not be too hard to get my grubby hands on a shiny I-Phone.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Packer Too Late?

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If anyone kept in touch with this blog over the few days during the last Iphone release, you would know that I poked fun at a good many folks who wasted *insert a measurement of time here* precious moments of their lives. Moreover, we all know and love the hilarity that is the professional line extender Greg Packer. However, in 2008 we seem to have a new kind of professional hitting the streets. The infamous Greg is on no one's radars (as of 7:41 Central time on the 10th of July) while we seem to have some political clout...."special" folk waiting out the New York store.

Last Year most people could just simply walk into the store after the smell had wafted out and simply pick up an Iphone without any hassle. Perhaps it will be the same this year, since most of the people will probably be inclined to keep their remaining Iphone's for atleast one more year. Even though I may have mocked the idea in the, this writer (sort of) will be out and about tomorrow morning and in full Iphone swing by the end of the day. Don't hate me because I can wait.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Down Time

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Well, my lack of any sort of posting is due to my actual lack of laptops. Mine was supposed to be fixed but is now is in some sort of unknown area which would and should tic most people off. I hope it can be fixed but if not I am leaning towards a MBP if they give me the full retail but if they cut perhaps shoot for the Dell XPS m1330. New hopeful job though would coddle the MBP so hopefully one might be coming my way fo free motha! Once the laptop comes a knocking posting will resume.