Friday, June 29, 2007


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Since the world is caught up in it and though I can not call where I live actually in the world the Iphone has struck..or will, or whatever. Tomorrow is the official release and man have there been some serious campers out there:

Professional Line Sitter Greg Packer can be seen here waiting for his shiny new Iphone. Personally, this man encompasses the user base that macs know, semi - stout, hairy, shirtless, etc, etc. In addition, I bet KFC sells a whole lot more boxed chicken during highly anticipated releases like this. We will see how the releases go tomorrow, personally I think that someone is going to get hurt, mugged, stabbed over all of this. Anyway you can let Wired keep you up to date here.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Parking Lot Know-How

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Sitting here in the parking lot of some obscure mall in the cell service void that is the South something just clicked. Parking lots like this can teach people a lot about life. Mainly: there are too many people with to much lack of both common and intelect sense, many of these people are overweight, and even though there might be an institute of higher learning that attepts to be above it's own status, it simply can not graduate people who uphold anything besides the title "sub par, overpriced state school." Yep sorry folks, the truth is in the pudding. Know one really knows who or how the new school year will be but make it the best by attracting the kids that fit your mold. Do not feel bad about turning a student away. They belong elsewhere and eventually you will fill that tuition space.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Written Appleology

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Well we all know how caustic some people can be towards...well anything really. So for the harsh words written in the previous post I am issuing a formal apology...
PSYCH, pshhh...screw that. The Onion has an amazing preview here of some of the more anticipated features of the upcoming Apple feature. My favorite:

"Nanotechnology enables it to reassemble itself when thrown against wall"

Hahaha, all Apple products need this.

Attempting failure: Ubuntu Server on my FreeServ with Fluxbox
WoWNFo: 40 Shaman drool.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Getting Away

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Even though now-a-days CIOs to help desk workers have complete access to their jobs at any location that has an IP, we all feel that we need to be glued to our desk...on site. We seldom realize that getting out and talking to people about something that is not technology can lead us to think of cool, exciting, and fresh things to try. When we get too comfortable with our situation one often losses the will to think up new stuff. A vacation is always needed, this might be to a coffee shop for the afternoon or a two week excursion to the Alps. For example, I have a server, nothing to do with it and balm...Ubuntu Server with Flux-box. I have no idea how to do it but some command line learning , some LAMP work and it should be fine.

Music of The Week:
Animal Collective - Feels - 2007
Level 40 Draenei Shaman....SOOO close.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Iphone my Rear

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Techno Rant Warning:
Anyone who is anyone in the world of technology loves their phones....or hates them, whatever. There is always that guy (girl?) at the party that is getting, what a friend of mine refers to as a 'nerd-boner' over their brand new cell phone. Now we all know that that guy is going to show off his shiny new Iphone like it is a mobile powerhouse of doom (not likely with the 0 3rd party support). No offense Apple, but I enjoy my 755p and I like styluses....wana know why? Cause I am NOT LAZY! I know, it might come to a surprise for some people but most people have no need for a cumbersome click screen, a combination of so many items none of them work, or a phone that will break the moment I unfold it from Apple's beautiful packaging.

Everyone is Ipod this, Ipod that, shit my Zune is an Ipod to most people but....guess what how well did that Apple Tv work out for ya? Sorry but Apple is going to have to try a whole lot harder to establish themselves into the market. Perhaps the new Ipod will lift them from their Iphone blunder, maybe not. For now, goodbye Iphone party jerks. Moreover, no one will pay the outragous price tag to be tied to an at$t network so I doubt anyone will own one anyway. Toodles.

Techno TIP: If you go to the beach....make sure to bring something to charge your DAP.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


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Well, a couple months back I was hyped on the aspect of Scribefire. I found it to be a rather cool way to make posts to my blog when I felt the need. Well.. not so much. First time was a charm, now every time I attempt to make a blog post it adds ntsb after every period. How much do I not like this? A lot more then when I actually enjoyed the program. Until this is solved....performance? I am stuck doing it the old fashion way.

Beach and Forza 2 = Go Away, too much fun.

New Character: Yukall level 9 hunter (Blackrock Raiders). FOR THE HORDE!

Thursday, June 7, 2007


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Well, everyone who is inundated with educational fumes understands the boringness that exists of the dreaded 12 month contract. Sure, times are all good and fun when the students are running around and creating trouble. you need to actually work with your peers and try and understand....well...what went wrong the during the entire year.

Thinks to-do today: