Friday, March 30, 2007

My Ubuntu Experience

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Well my OS learning curve has surely been kicked the hell off the curb. I have used Ubuntu and other Linux based OS's in the past and have been fairly OK with them. However, after having a great install of Windows Vista Ultimate Business Edition Mach One....Series Two.....Alpha....18 I thought my best bet would be to go towards Ubuntu again.

We can all rejoice because I used it for 2 hours and I am going through my second install. Thank the be-geezes for Gparted and a relatively quick install process. Oh for someone who thinks that they want to dive in and install Beryl for some neat-oh graphics....remember to finish the install before rebooting. We all know Feisty is arriving in April but for now lets keep a running tally of how long I can keep this install going without breaking it completely.

Oh and remember, when one needs to attend a meeting that they clearly don't want to. Bring a bullet and perhaps a gun to fire it out of if the need were to arise.