Friday, April 13, 2007

The Power of the "P"

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One man can only stand a conversation for so long. When the receiving end (me) is barraged by the other end. This would, of course be OK if the one end in speculation had anything to say or could change the very tone of their voice but they can't. They simply talk at you like they know who you are but they can't seem to remember your name. Moreover, they only know that you are who you are due to what is front of you. This must trickle down into their kids and eventually their kids. Perhaps and probably the root of education's problem lies in the parent and not solely in the student. Or maybe it is some exotic mind meld that we have zero control over. Anyway here are some top upcoming software that is on my list of awesomeness:

Ubuntu 7.04: Released early next week this should really be a Microsoft burner due to its enhanced graphics, driver base, and an already sweet gnome 2.18. The moment it hits the ground I will be downloading it and reinstalling over my recent install of 6.10, and a full review will ensue.

AntiVir: We all know and the amazing product that they have. However, all of us geeks that upgraded to vista have had to stick with a some sub par anti-virus selections. However, on the 19th we will be back to safety with the Vista release of AntiVir classic.

Who knows where this blog will run in the future. Hopefully there will be ample software / hardware review for all the Technology folks who work in Education. We all know it is a different animal then Government or Business thus giving us the ability and knowledge to tackle it each day. We just need some place to vent our anger and strategies to the real world and hopefully this is what the blog will morph into.