Thursday, November 8, 2007

Opera Mini 4

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Well we all know that you are not a techno geek unless you have an uber cool techno geek ish phone thing. Anyway, if you dropped the dough for that fly phone then I atleast hope you are continuing to drop it on an unlimited data plan because...frankly there is no reason to have most of those features without being able to connect to the net whenever you feel the urge.

So....since you can connect to the net, how are you going to surf it? My response is the new un-beta'd Opera Mini 4. The 3rd and last beta sat on my phone for the past couple of months but due to a complete lack of compatability where the browser would actually soft crash my phone it was useless unless I was in heavily saturated coverage areas....which are far and few between round here. However, when I did use it was 100 hundred times better then Blazer which is the default for you'ze palm users. Now though, I would love to say that the browser is mostly perfect.

It has a sleek interface that seems to flip through pages extremelly easy. It shows a hugely zoomed out version of the web page though it zooms in and out when you need and even allows you to scroll by holding and pulling the screen which is a nice feature from using the tactile buttons on the center of my palm. Overall it is rather a small feature set but it makes browsing on anything that isn't an Iphone a simle, elegent and fun activity which is often times needed when you are getting mentally screwed by someone singing about airport security.