Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Christmas Season

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Well, there has been quite a bit of spontaneity between this and my twitter blog for the past month for several positive reasons. First off there has been a distinct lack of time where I am usually to busy finding more time to congeal with what little time there is to do anything fun...oh yeah, I consider this stuff fun. Also the work load has piled on...blah, blah it goes on from there. However, it is that pesky time of the year that comes around and gives us all our nice spring spare guessed it folks.

The combination between the food consumed during the holidays, you could probably feed people in a developing country for the next year. Answer? Well you are in luck because for this insane seasoning of non stop drinking, hanging out with friends who know you but you can't seem to muster a word to their face there is a savior: simply walk around in your birthday suite. Maybe not to work but it should suffice in the rest of situations that you do not want to find yourself in. Cheers ya'all. This post proves that there will be more to come and I actually have to throw up some cool reviews that have been collecting dust.

Moreover, my novel which was to begin and end in November did not happen....sadly I hit the 120 page mark and had no where to go so there is always next summer or next November. Stay cool all!