Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Duty - 0 - Rific

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Probably not knowing about life in the independent school system you would have no idea about the complete "un-funness" that oozes from the word "duty." Some background:

Somewhere way out when independent schools were being formed they decided to suck all the money up that was being paid by the patrons who attended the school and put it into a big bank where it could accrue interest. Each year there has been no deviation and nothing has changed. This pretty much brings us up to now and there is a need for folks to stay after and make sure the kids stay sedate. To counteract this task most of us attend a meeting where we attempt to spice it up by being ridiculous.

Each duty night I will post a phrase on my twitter in which I will incorporate into every response that is needed by a child. Tonight we shall take on a name: Ron Perlman mainly for his amazing role as Turok's grizzled, unkept friend, "Slade" in the new Turok game. You are very much welcome.