Thursday, June 14, 2007

Iphone my Rear

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Techno Rant Warning:
Anyone who is anyone in the world of technology loves their phones....or hates them, whatever. There is always that guy (girl?) at the party that is getting, what a friend of mine refers to as a 'nerd-boner' over their brand new cell phone. Now we all know that that guy is going to show off his shiny new Iphone like it is a mobile powerhouse of doom (not likely with the 0 3rd party support). No offense Apple, but I enjoy my 755p and I like styluses....wana know why? Cause I am NOT LAZY! I know, it might come to a surprise for some people but most people have no need for a cumbersome click screen, a combination of so many items none of them work, or a phone that will break the moment I unfold it from Apple's beautiful packaging.

Everyone is Ipod this, Ipod that, shit my Zune is an Ipod to most people but....guess what how well did that Apple Tv work out for ya? Sorry but Apple is going to have to try a whole lot harder to establish themselves into the market. Perhaps the new Ipod will lift them from their Iphone blunder, maybe not. For now, goodbye Iphone party jerks. Moreover, no one will pay the outragous price tag to be tied to an at$t network so I doubt anyone will own one anyway. Toodles.

Techno TIP: If you go to the beach....make sure to bring something to charge your DAP.