Saturday, June 16, 2007

Getting Away

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Even though now-a-days CIOs to help desk workers have complete access to their jobs at any location that has an IP, we all feel that we need to be glued to our desk...on site. We seldom realize that getting out and talking to people about something that is not technology can lead us to think of cool, exciting, and fresh things to try. When we get too comfortable with our situation one often losses the will to think up new stuff. A vacation is always needed, this might be to a coffee shop for the afternoon or a two week excursion to the Alps. For example, I have a server, nothing to do with it and balm...Ubuntu Server with Flux-box. I have no idea how to do it but some command line learning , some LAMP work and it should be fine.

Music of The Week:
Animal Collective - Feels - 2007
Level 40 Draenei Shaman....SOOO close.