Wednesday, August 15, 2007


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What happens when your user bases grows beyond your network?  Tis easy: install wifi points for kidsees.  Anyone who is IT knows that to take a good amount of users per AP you really need to spend some money on items like Proxim / Orinoco or even Cisco.  Do to the unique funding that most schools embrace people are often on their own to find the alternatives.  Well they are few and far between but a good solution to all open source routers or AP's is a firmware called DD-WRT.  Most linksys or Buffalo based routers will take this firmware with little or no computer it is applicable in home applications as well for all you late night client goers.  Anyway, it basically takes your less then mediocre router and pumps it up to the same level of the Ciscos.  The TFTP funcions can get a little hairy and you need to get your timing down on certain routers but overall a couple of tries is in need to get the overall hang of it.  Once finished you have custom firmware that can demolish any stock firmware...ever!  Ahh...gotta go since for somereason blogger 
hates opera when you hit here!