Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tee Time!

Twit This! | | time has arrived. Whether, we all start this coming week or after Labor Day you know that you have meetings this week or next. It should be the regular bore-fest with someone constantly spewing their summer at you or having to watch a someone perform cpr on a dummy for 2 hours. If you feel like the rest of us and just can not seem to find something to do here are some web sites to get you through the time:

  1. (All time favorite, search the web randomly following selected criteria)
  2. YouTube (Great for more then one person huddling around the computer)
  3. Wikipedia (For the constantly curious)
  4. Ebaumsworld (Hilarious often time discusting videos)
  5. Operation Clambake (Scientology stuff...real good for sucking you in)
  6. Craigslist (Find it all)
It is not a complete list but it works and it will get you through a couple of solid days. Happy hunting all and do not forget, it is 15 and 2 for kids AND adults these days, remember cause that has changed.