Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Long Time Away

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Well as everyone that probably does not frequent this blog knows, the posting has been fairly sparse as of late. If anyone works in the education side of business you know how hard it is to even think about doing number 2's when it comes to the opening of school. Nothing really works like you had envisioned, you have people asking for new quote after new quote simply because the first one was frankly the one that is going to work, people needing everything including..who would have guessed - more computers, and the proverbial:

"This program does not work."
"Did you use it all during the summer?"

All of these things build up to where a one man band might simply snap, start throwing expensive tech out your room and proclaim you are going back on that vacation that you were promised yet never allowed to take because "shit was too busy in the summer." Sorry all, but there is no way one person can do this job alone and effective. So if you plan on hiring make sure to have room for two positions and do not take the cheap route cause guess what? You are stuck with what that one person wants to do....muAHHAHAHAH.