Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Something for Everyone

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If you work at a boarding school you probably are required to do some kind of duty which entails watching over the kids in a fairly shitty attempt to minimize the harm they can do to themselves. Well as luck has it tonight, due to duty is what I like to call shotgun night. Perhaps this will work in the coming weeks but who knows. The basis of it revolves around short snippets that either rate something, describe my life, talk about a product that will make yours better, etc, etc. If you do not get it, don't worry, it's your fault.

Alright here we go; lets see how a 1 minute time frame works:

  • Life ending often brings upon something new
  • Amazon will/should pawwn with their new music service
  • Zune better release something soon or Ipods away
  • Shuffling life is awesome
  • Everyone needs to read 2010 return of Quetzlecoatle
  • Heroes 2 is/will be amazing
  • TorrentSpy needs to come back to usa.
Sweet, not too much in there but it has been a fairly hectic week and one should realize that often times brain power is left in the dust when it comes to sleeping on a mattress that deflates itself after 5 hours of sleeping on it. So if you can, and you should since it is 45 percent of your life, get something that is comfortable.


JOE said...

No new posts in some time.........What does that tell us? GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!

Joanna said...

okay, braden, i don't want you to think that i'm stalking you or anything, but i found your blog and i read it.

and i agree. my life is at least 18% sadder without torrentspy.