Saturday, December 22, 2007

2007 Year of the Laptop

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Eweek has a great article here that gives a good look at how useful and often times over - purchased laptops are. They also say that the predominate amount of the market is pigeonholed by cheaper, sub 1000 or in my mind sub 700 dollar laptops. They make the point that to get a laptop this low one needs to lower the ram / graphics / and overall hardware costs. This leaves one open to windows Vista Basic which we all knows blows the big one. So this leaves users with the face of XP which is still great but better yet throws Linux into the fray which is ten times better. The point about the now cheap laptop market fueling linux is not wrong moreover, linux distros should be taking this opportunity to make their os's better suited and strong on laptops. Hell, this post was done on a 3 year old ibm r51 full of indestructible sexiness. But is it fast? Nope, could it run xp even very well when it was on it? Nope, can it run Linux Mint 4.0 like a steam rolling champ? Answer: Hell yes!