Thursday, February 7, 2008

We Colonies Don't Really Understand Much

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What? You think I was banging on about how we don't know too much? Nope you would be wrong. Some good ole' chap took control of Brisbane with a psychopathic rage and a tv remote. Reuters wrote up a pretty good article describing the entirety of the situation. We all learned from our good ole neighborhood terrorist....what's his name? Oh yeah right, Osama BL that you can't do much more then actually turn on a television with a tv remote...unless....nope. Anyway, the best part of the article being some of the hilarity steeping from the judge's remarks:

"People are genuinely scared of sudden explosions" - Gotta admit...he has something here.

Fryatt accepted probation, but said he was concerned it could interrupt plans to travel overseas to do humanitarian aid work, the Brisbane Times newspaper reported.

"Let's get you right before we send you off to a third world country," - Humanitarian work? Glad someone is concerned with "getting him right"...whatever that means.