Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads?

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Any of us 80'sers or whatever you want to call us remember the awesomeness that ensued when Mikey Fox and Doc Brown went hooning half way across the ionosphere on some British mid-landers poorly constructed stainless steel Elise? Well if you happened to have missed possibly the coolest years of life hear is a not so close, possibley, but doubting, never before seen version of the doc's De Lorean (DMC 12). Never underestimate the looseres tendencies that can come from an odd day, a terrible liquid induced headache / heartache and the time you forget your books when you need to take care of kids doing their work. Thanks for the heads up. Oh and thanks for College Humor for their contribution to the cause of awesomeness in the world of boring Education IT. Oh and I never visit the site but since Shaq is sponsoring vitamin water for them I could not resist. Oh and this site is not reverting to car adds...my life has just been IT relieved for a while. Up and coming: Windows Steady State Review.