Friday, April 25, 2008

A Bird For FREE!

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Hey folks, it definitely has been some time before we have had a good ole talk about the world of open source. If you have been sitting behind a rock or at best (and this probably goes for the most of you) just do not care about open source software. Well read on if you really care but as a good warning...the new version of our ever beloved Ubuntu is sexy at best.

As always Ubuntu, and unlike the nastiness of say Fedora, has an amazing installer. It basically coddles most of our useless hands through formating your hard drive and getting Ubuntu from the live CD to your hard drive. One thing needs to be said though that the installer is very reminiscent of the old installer which is definitely ok.

From the installer to working is fairly simplistic as long as you had your computer plugged up to an internet source during the install. Unlike windows, Ubuntu is fairly good at installing any and all drivers unless you have a video card / Broadcom chipped wireless card. Again it blinks at you, you click the icon, put in your password and check some boxes and BAM easy fix. One or two things have changed in Hardy from 7.10 but most of them are worth the switch.

Transmission is now the default bittorent collect wich is pimp since this lightweight piece of software easily out does utorrent for the pc. And the second is Remote Desktop Viewer which can easily handle multiple VNC connection which is amazing. Ubuntu still has all the graphic slickness that was found in the latter version which allows you to simply wow your friends with glitter that is akin to OSX and leaps beyond Vista. Besides being probably the sexiest version of Ubuntu to date, its blazing startup times, great integration and driver support...well there really is no besides. You people really should get off your duffs and take a test drive. I mean slip the CD in your computer, reboot and BOOM, if you do not like it refrain from hitting the install key and nothing is changed. Easy, simple, elegant.