Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A film Update

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Ok all, Apologizing for a rather hasty review of the new Ubuntu is in need but not fully thought out. I doubt people are having this problem but it seems that the Firefox beta seems to enjoy locking up more often then kids complain about fingers being hurt (inside joke...hahaha suckers this one is just for me).

Anyway, everyone should be mildly surprised about today, unless of course you were born yesterday or even so you would need to have been born under a rock in some insipidly boring area of the world...say, say...well you fill it in but today was the relase of GTA IV. Which heralds a great day for all of the closet mass murders / serial rapists / general funny folk that spend most of their "careers," if you can call them that on the PS3 or now XBox. But, nigh you would be quite disapointed because there are plenty of people complaining about their copies freezing at the intro movie...which is quite interesting. Oh and then there is someone who got mugged and stabbed in line for the game in London this morning. Jeez guys ("Rockstar"), get it together!


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