Monday, October 1, 2007

Death to the Word SUB-Net

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Ok, as you don't all know subnets in themselves are a royal pain in the ass. I usually take my time and avoid them, staying close to the class A version of the world. However, a whole new beast has reared it's head and wants to be my friend in the same way I don't need to just take some relax"able" time with someone or something cool.

Class C and Class A, we can call them simply A and C want to mate in one spot together however, that spot is located in a library which is frequented by a shitload of people on a daily basis. So A decides that perhaps C could hide out on the balcony and perhaps cuddle for a while but C does not like the idea of being outside in the cold with nothing to think about besides sweet, sweet A. So what happens? How do A and C come together and mate into F? Well they don't. I know this is it for everyone but maybe, someday....maybe A and C will be able to be together in pure harmony; coexisting and reproducing like the nasty, freaks they are. Peace!