Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Sales Pitch

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Alright this is an entitled response to people selling IT related junk.

When and if you ever get on the phone with someone who knows what they are doing, you best be overtly prepared.  You need your sales pitch written on your palm pilot or if you can not afford one atleast your hand.  You need to express yourself lightly, nicely, and clearly in order to make it perfectly crystal that I am in absolute need of what you are selling.  If your product is clearly stumped by well....being complete rubbish then you need to turn my mood around and make me feel like I will win 1 million bucks if I drop a couple hundred on your product during this call.  Listen, what you need to do is pull your head which is ever so carefully placed up your ass out, and tell me what, why and when.  If I then sound apprehensive about the whole deal refrain from telling me your product works better then the one I have which is free.  Oh yeah, free is good by the way, so if you want to get a good sale make your crap free.  Capisce?

Thought so....oh yeah because if you get it wrong you will be digging my crotch out of your teeth for days (pelvic thrusts hurt fyi).

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