Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ubuntu On The Fly

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Being in the educational technology field you rarely get time off to enjoy yourself in the most simplistic ways. Today I decided to take my laptop and head over to a coffee place simply to surf the web and squawk to you all. Since Gutsy Gibbon is on my laptop I decided to boot into and simply play with it like any "non power" user would. I find it harder and harder these days to get into the Linux distros simply because I need a windows "professional" environment to get by in a day to day Novell life. so getting into something different has been really refreshing. Moreover, for the first time Ubuntu might have hit a nail right on the head. It seems like, with a little exploring, someone could sit down and finally have a functioning, free OS. This is absolutely fantastic because it puts Vista and Leopard in mind when it comes to the teachers laptops every year. Can we go free software finally, can we relieve ourselves from the overhead costs, and can we break free from the ms tyranny? The answer is probably not but with every distro release we are come closer and closer.

BTW, this was written by someone who can use computers but works with people who really can not so do not give me flak about how I refuse to see it from the home user's perspective.