Thursday, January 31, 2008

Why I don't Review Books

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See there is a very classic reason why this blog will usually and by usually, I mean never will venture into the world of "book reviews." This territory is not only muddled with weird techno books that no one really could poke a care about but is riddled with nonsense that the average Joe has no need for in our contemporary society. Here is a good reason why (Borrowed from Amazon):

"Unbuckle your seatbelt for this, the first-ever manual of sex positions for in-car entertainment! Fully illustrated and packed with helpful, practical, model-specific advice, this glove-compartment-sized guide contains everything readers need to rev up their sex drive!"

Sorry, but this book is completely awesome and should be read by all. Shenanigans of this sort in a car are complicated...glad someone picked up the slack and made a book to help us out. Plus...and a big PLUS I might add, "glove-compartment-sized."