Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Palm and People

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Well, I received my nice and new (shiny?) 755p today and do to Sprint's awesomeness I now have service wherever I go and I am able to do everything that one should do anywhere else in this world...minus Virginia.

Anyway, without really getting into the whole technical side of business it seems to be a more compact, sleeker, and much more complicated piece of machinery over my TUngsten E. It also is ridiculously light and looks absolutely pimp in burgundy.

Well it is down to that time of year that teachers are going overboard to the point that they are hounding on any scapegoat they can find because something went wrong. Well, there is an amazingly simple answer to all this mess: If you were to use the software when you were supposed to (every day of the year) you would not have problems logging in, modifying items, updating software, etc. The one thing that so few people understand who actually teach is that if you want to hold your students accountable for the work they have to do then you should show some common sense and keep your end of the accountability deal. Nuff said?