Monday, May 21, 2007

One word.....starts with 'G'....Flatchulence!

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Questionable Context Reading:

Well we all know that if we haul on as we will, by the time Wednesday the 23 rolls around we will see gas prices over 3 dollars for the longest recorded period by the AAA. Now I know that I try to withstand from the petty problems that our state of the union has under it's belt but I am sorry. A statement like this:

"The current price increases are due to problems in gasoline supplies and refinery output"

is an out right lie and if you do not know it or believe it you are a complete idiot! What has changed in the past 90 days that has caused the prices to soar out of control...nothing, BINGO! You know what would help this situation, and even though I hate the subject and almost every teacher who teaches it is neurotic but a little course called economics. This has begun to be an over the top ramble but someone needs to kick someone where the sun continues to fail to shine. Oh and this is coming from someone who majored in Political Science.