Thursday, May 24, 2007


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One phone call to the AP test technicians led to an insightful yet odd sounding idea on how to fix the IME which apparently can withhold a user from effectively typing anything on the first question of the Japanese Exam:

solution: Simply turn off the ability of the language bar to appear on the start menu portion of windows XP.

During test day everything goes swell until the moment the student reaches the test. A sound is made that incites an idea that the very same thing has occurred as it did on the first day of the exam.

On the phone with tech support and oops, you were SUPPOSED to leave the check-box checked that said "place the language bar on the start bar." Man, how could we have messed it up that badly. Simply restart the test and we should be good to go. For now it seems like it is working but if there exists a more amateur bunch of people who are coding I dare for you to show me. Because quite frankly these people are morons.