Monday, May 14, 2007


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We all know that there are just some days (weeks) where we have completely way too much stuff to do. This has been going of for the past couple weeks and has altered my blogging abilities. Moreover, the public and private schools out there are all winding down and looking for reasons to try and keep the children preoccupied. For the technology folk they are wondering what they are going to do for the summer that will help the school for the following school year. This, lightning, mothers day and everything else can sometimes haze our scheduling abilities therefore leaving us with a lot of stuff to do and no where enough time to do it. A tip for anyone going bonkers: Quit for the day and do something you love that has to do with exercise (go for a long cycle ride, run, water ski, etc) and come back and enjoy your day with something that isn't coding, looking towards the future, or what is broken right now. This will release the pressure on your brain and will calm you for the impending storm. Moreover, shopping is too expensive; just remember....there will always be tomorrow. And now some words of wisdom:

Best Buy: Shocks Junga

Gaming: XBOX 360 ELITE!!!