Friday, January 16, 2009

FREE IT Consulting!

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Hello all! I am so pumped about this it is not funny. having been an IT consultant for almost 5 years now I have definitely been around the block (Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD). Sure there have been great times and nasty times but all in all no one should complain when they love helping people. In addition, I love Seth Godin's work and believe that there are some truly amazing marketers out there, despite hanging out with some truly horrible ones in my day. In one of Seth's last posts he mentioned doing free IT consulting on a site called CoPilot. I had never used CoPilot before and therefore intrigued, I surfed on over and found it to be a very simple, easy to use protocol for assisting people over the web.

Taking Seth's advice, I am going to begin doing free IT consulting every Sunday from 11am - 4pm mountain time. So if you are interested or want to have me help out an ailing family member shoot me a twitter @bradendouglass, email me at, or google chat me up at gmail address. Again get pumped, this will begin this Sunday the 18th. And again, thanks Seth.


Anonymous said...

wow, you are great.