Sunday, January 4, 2009

What will Definitely Be Awesome

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Ok lets face some facts, 2008 was full of changes both hard and fun but...2009 watch out! My prediction is that 2009 will be the year of the blog both mine and the unconquerable amount that plague the 'interweb.' Blogs in 2009 will be the main media source for people who are looking for any kind of information (although most of the stuff out there is inherentely incorrect or rife with personal ideas that are downright hilarious). By main, I mean main; forget watching the nightly news and reading the New York Times everyone will be reading their own favorite blog. Ok now that I threw down a fairly easy resolution for the world, what do you all think is going to be an incredible dynamic shift for the 2009 year? Forget about the economy and all the depression or recession malarky and focus on something fun and different. Oh, and comment up you trolls and lurkers out there, google analytics knows about you.

In addition, what is your most rediculous picture of the 2009 new year?