Wednesday, June 4, 2008

3g Iphonery

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We all know that WWDC or World Wide Developers Conference is all set to bring good ole Stevey in to wow / flood the world with all that is apple-"ness." One of the largest announcements will undoubtedly be that of the new, 3g capable iphone. In addition, all of us would like to see a redesign for the MBP and MB but I don't know if that is evident this early in the montevina life cycle (however, if they do they will have another customer). Montevina + a new Iphone + a free 8 gig Ipod touch for the purchase of any apple notebook equals a whole lot of sexyness on tap for the comming year.

Sure Montevina may look like a breath of fresh air into the centrino line but don't be fooled by others. It, combined with hopefully (not confirmed) the new Iphone as a modem will equal one hell of a sexy notebook that will be constantly connected to the web. Hopefully, all of these will line up for the following year along with the money to actually afford it all. Once all of it is released and aquired you all will be the very first to know how much it pawns or falls flat. Hmmm...sexyness.