Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Spore good Time

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Well...as some of us know, the game that is going to bring us all to our knees from our favorite developer Mr. Wright is just on the horizon. Of course, if you can't understand my jargon or you have been under your anti video game rock for the past year you won't know I am talking about Spore. The creature creator comes out tomorrow but the demo of it has been out on the net for a couple of days. Even though they DO mean demo (almost all of the features are locked) there is an ample amount of fun in it. Moreover, for 10 dollars I can see it a much more interesting and creative way to spend your time over WOW. A video of why it would be cool to have kids ONLY if they had large pincers for a mouth, an eye on their stomach, and no arms after the jump.