Thursday, June 5, 2008

The EEE Revolution

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We all know and those who have actually had the brains to touch one, love the Eee pc released earlier this year by the folks over at Asus. However, when they first announced this thing they had a myriad of products that were going to follow suit. Basically a pimptastic line of Linux based hardware that was going to make life easy...and quite frankly much easier for some folks out there. If you move your browser here...but wait!...

Good, you will see the Asus Eee Tv which would be great. Complete integration into your television for a Linux distro...hello wireless keyboard / mouse combo + a full functioning television. Sure this fails to tempt the geeks who modded their orginial xboxes but what of the rest of the...dare I say, normal world? This is a pimptastic step towards people feeling out linux and one that I completely will be on board for.