Monday, June 9, 2008

No daylight = sex?

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Huh, well maybe it is my upbringing or just my parents grounding me at a young age on the subject but putting constant night with awkward amounts of sex just does not match with me. Wouldn't people sleep or at best drink themselves into oblivion (maybe this leads to all that sex)? However, as always Reuters has an amazing article that talks about 16,500 condoms being air lifted into the McMurdo base in Antarctica. Now these are for ruffly 165 people for 2 if we do some math..yep, that equals: 85 people...ruffly because 165 divided by 2 since it usually takes that many people to actually have sex. Then we divide that number by the condoms getting 201. With only 30 days in a month that would mean that to use them up everyone would need to be having sex more then 3 times a day. Frankly this number is disturbing and maybe, just maybe I regret even blogging / thinking about this.