Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tis Been A Long Time Since High School...

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As we all can see here there seems to be a some high fives going on in this small...Catholic, hmm...New England town. This is a small blue collar town relying heavily on the fishing trade which, as of late has been passed off to the "little industrial folk who could": the Koreans. Time feels this is the only underlying factor that is leading to the race to getting pregnant, which again is a very odd proposal. However, a small public school passing out 150 or more pregnancy tests in a year is ridiculous. What are the parents doing to educate their children these days? To put it as a magician named Gob might say: "I mean COME oN!."

If you read on the children seem to be enthralled that their little bundle of smell will give them "unconditional love." To preface, geeks are horrible at picking up women...we really are. If you all listen to GFW radio, a member of the brodio comment on their escapades in asking out someone who they find "attractive" working at a local Gamestop. If you don't listen to the podcast, pick it up at Zune Marketplace, Itunes, or and listen to the first 10 or so minutes. Backing on track, find someone who is maybe...around your age that will give you some unconditional love. They are far between but take the time to talk to people, get to know them. Men can be pigs..I actually know we can be, but a lot of us are cool and will love you much more then a kid puking and crying at you early in the morning. However, men can't fetch you the kind of money a kid will on the open black market. Yep, peace.

Props to LoneStar times on the pic below. Oh and when I checked the image out it said "pregnant middle school teens!" Two words: WTF mate?