Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Are We Males a Little Tepid?

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Being one myself I must admit that us 20 something males have a thing or two to learn about being proactive in our community and lives.  This might be so true that it has grabbed the attention of attention seeking whore (article).  The article itself is actually a long read which is uncharacteristic for this topic...aka it was written by a women.  Tony is a hard name to decipher but through some clever googling I think it actually is a male...which is a good thing.

Taking a few looks through the article we see some very key elements of why this article has reached the top of digg today.  

"In almost 400 interviews with mainly white, college-educated twentysomethings, he found that the lockstep march to manhood is often interrupted by a debauched and decadelong odyssey, in which youths buddy together in search of new ways to feel like men. Actually, it's more like all the old ways—drinking, smoking, kidding, carousing—turned up a notch in a world where adolescent demonstrations of manhood have replaced the real thing: responsibility. "

-BINGO.  These two sentences pretty much sum up a good amount of men who find this type of life a nessesity.  We all think that being more drunk then the next person or bragging about who they did last night is more manly than simply taking on the responsibilites of life.  This is of course not 100 percent of the 20 something population but it is growing daily.

"Meanwhile, saddled with an average of $20,000 in student debt and reared with a sense of entitlement that stops them from taking any old job, the percentage of 26-year-olds living with their parents has nearly doubled since 1970"

-Aw yes, living with your parents because you are too proud to take a job that will pay the bills.  Sure, this survey is pointing at american youth which means that most of us are scared to do manual labor or simply get a little dirty but why should you be picky when you are is money and any skill learned at any job is valueable for the rest of your life, not to mention the stuff you learn from your co-workers.  I know I sometimes feel this, but I love to get dirty, let me pull wires through a crawl space, work for a landscaper on the weekends, be a valet when the job is available.  Our problem is that we hate to serve other makes us feel all..human which is clearly wrong...right.

"If the domestic man does appear, the study finds, the guy who pants in Lamaze class rather than a stranger's bedroom is portrayed as freakish, fuddy-duddy and frequently religious: an uptight Boy Scout in a Peter Pan culture"

-Oh to true...and very well put.

"almost 20 percent of college guys said they would commit rape if they knew they wouldn't be caught"

-WTF Mates.  Although 20 percent is not tremendously high but anything over 0 percent in this catagory is simply wrong.

-Everyone should read the complete article.  It is not powerful enough to make someone change their mind about their attitudes but maybe just maybe, it will make you think...just a little.  Baby steps for the adolescent.