Monday, September 29, 2008

Picking Your Exploration Date

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Picking your nose can be one of the most serene and peaceful things you can doing during the day. You can go deep and explore the inner crevices of your nostrils or you can slightly brush over it with your thumb in order to remove what little debris you feel. I know this is an odd choice of post but I have been slowly realizing how integral this action is to getting through the day.

Everyone has their little nuances even before they stick their fingers in their nose. They might look around to see if anyone is watching, throw up a flare to distract the people who are, or even simply make sure there are spectators for the upcoming event. Sometimes one is rewarded with a nice juicy item that can be rolled in your fingers (disgusting but very common) or perhaps flicked like a penny from your hands. Just make sure all; if you are going to pick freely and frequently, make sure you do so with the washing of your hands. You do not want to be introduced to the head of the firm with some residue hanging off your fingers, your palm, or anywhere else they can show up if you end up using the flick method. Be careful, be a professional, and pick at will, peace.