Saturday, September 6, 2008


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Now, as most people do not know, the whole point of being anonymous is to never be found.  This is often a practice rarely employed on the world wide web and is a must at TKubed.  However, this post is going to key some people into the fact that: no I am not a marketer. 

For all the digg watchers out there, you probably witnessed that the new rubbish that is the windows commercials (Jerry Seinfield included) graced national television on the night of the 4th of the 8th.  It being a windows comercial, included a dinosaur heapen (steaming) amount of nonesense.  A quick synopsis of the entirety of the video includes Jerry trying to sell Bill on some shoes and how he should wear them in the shower.  To appeal to some minorities (none of which would be watching Sex in the City on TBS) they included a sentence in spanish and finished with a small green screen and the vista words included.  Oh the way, eating technology, not a good thing Bill, I watched a dog once release a half eaten remote and I swore it looked like red tiberium (diagram for ungamer folk to the right) from the Command and Conquer games.  The video can be seen here but to save 1 minute 24 seconds check out the fine senator in perhaps the best sound clip for random insertion into one's life.