Thursday, September 18, 2008

Toot Away

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We have no idea...or at least I do not specifically know how many people actually visit this blog on a per weekly basis (per daily is just ridiculous). But I believe today will be the first time I toot an upcoming post.

Now for all that keep up with this, I love to ride fixed gear bikes. But it seems, expecially where I currently reside the cops are super happy about pulling over the carbon neutral bicyclist and creating dangerous problems for motorists instead of actually probably doing their real job. This post is to come...don't hate, some of us work. Anyway, I would also like to congratulate myself with a HAPPY 100 posts (pic above says it all)...2 posts late. Never really knowing where this blog was going has made it a very trying task but it looks like we are on target for the 20 posts this month and by the end of this next 5 month period we should hit 200! Sweet bitches, peace.