Friday, September 26, 2008

An Onslaught

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Well all, today needs to be blogged and...and well frankly there is not much there. So in the spirit of things I would like to share some insight on the onslaught of...well idiocy that one might run into in a day. Mind you this post is not to produce negativity but when there is a road block in your life in the shape of a human being and you can not get around them, AND they are prohibiting your effectiveness at work then they need to be removed...pronto. On a much less negative note these did not all incur over the course of one day. Yep, I have been saving these up for you, the reader and boy, maybe you are in for a treat.

Scene: On a street corner
Action: Longboarding
Random guy one: "Nice board man but how can you support fiberglass like that? It kills the earth and is not renewable, man, it is just as bad as driving your car."
Me: I look down at my board, up at the man, down at my board, back to my hand, back to the man, back to the car coming our way.

Scene: The office
Random Co-worker: Now we have all had these people and they are the ones where you give them an answer and then they just sit there, waiting, and staring right back at you. Maybe we should all carry a bag of cookies for people like this

Scene: The Road
Cop: "Sir, do you know why I pulled you over?"
Me: I look down at my bike, back to the cop, then back to a car doing 10 over. "No Officer I don't"

Scene: The Bedroom
People across the wall: LOTS OF SEX SOUNDS (real loud)
The person beside me: Wide awake

Scene: Soccer
Mom: "Eh I said that my little girl needs to be moved to the other team because her and -insert name- do not like each other."
Coach: Blank stair

Sorry they are not all that great, but I am up, wanted to write, and da blog was a beckoning. I will leave you now with a truly great idea.