Thursday, September 11, 2008


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Being a political science major, one aquires a certain distaste for most systems of government.  Not because they do not work (most do) but rather simply the people that we deem fit to represent those systems.  The one character we all need to be referring to is our charter Polar Bear Club member Sarah, spelled with a z Palin.  If you find yourself in a group of people and one happens to slip and mention the fact that they believe Sarah to be the next Vp you calmly get up and and you slap them as hard as you possibly can right in the ear.

What should make people unhappy is the fact remains that there are quite a few educated folks out there that find themselves leveling with republican doctrine.  However, the folks that actually call themselves republican are so far gone that there really is no verbage to describe their actions.  They simply place the "repub" name on themselves and call it a day as they proclaim the possible force needed to cull Russia.  One word comes to mind Sarah and that word is simple, simply no.  Now this is NOT a vote Obama ad(the man is not a patriot...not even close).  However, we need someone to take a close look at healthcare, education, jobs, quality of life, and perhaps put on the backburner the bid for superiority that we crave.  Whoever this is, probably will not get voted into office but if we all simply take some shit from Douglas Adam's stick: "don't panic."  Positivity will get us through and not much else, certainly not people obsessed with abortions.