Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What You Have Been Waiting For

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Crazy days are here and gone and now, now you all can be graced with the wonder that includes the a whole lot of stupidity. If people do not know, I am very avid biker and often times take a moment and actually ride one to work in the morning. This leads to a great regiment of good health but often time allows you to open your mind and watch for cars and other objects that could possible careen into you. Maybe it is my 14 or so concussions over the years or perhaps my sense of duty towards my own body, but keeping an open mind while biking can be extraneous but very needed. However, now we have yet another problem on our hands.

I decided, due to the high amount of stalkers that I have acquired through this blog to blot out the location on the police vehicle. At first we were in wonder what was going on when a police officer (k9 Unit, thumbs up buddy) rushes to pull over someone on a bike. Apparently this lost individual which is obviously riding some kind of hippie built townie had no idea that the kop was after them since this is within 172.6 yards away from the actual stop sign. If she is as lost as we think she has no idea that she is going to be slapped with a 125 dollar fine and some points on her license.

I myself have been pulled over by these folks and have no idea why there is a problem with all of this. Major cities like Chicago, NyC, San Fran, and Boston don't really take the time to actually go after bikers who do not come to a complete stop at a sign or light. You hear of some instances here and there but they are always fue and far between. Here though, I have witnessed the popo actually sitting just up from biker frequented stop signs who are out to yank everyone who does not come to a complete stop. And who should?

If you are dumb enough to pull out into cars then we have a serious problem...real serious actually. But if you are looking for some kind of death wish then by all means, go ahead and step out into it, let it be our choice. We chose to get on the bike that morning and we do not need cops who are bored taking it upon themselves to give us a form of fines. We all know that the economic times are tuff but lets actually try and do your job. How hard is it for a biker riding a townie to outrun a car? How hard is it for someone driving a stolen car to outrun a ridiculously large SUV? What am I saying? Life is better on a bike and people should use restraint when in ridiculous situations with iPhones.