Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Blingtastic Experiences

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Ok. so I might have missed a day but I made up for it with the double post two days ago so I am still on track for the 20 posts this month.  Anyway....CHROME!

Playing with the beta of Google's new browser has been, an absolute charm.  Running it under Vista Home Premium on my Macbook Pro was as easy as downloading and installing.  No fuss, no real google adware, and nothing really to get in the way of someone simply clicking yes through all the prompts.  So a big thumbs up for an easy beta install.

From there the experience only got better.  The layout of Chrome is astonishing with no extra information or bars to clog up the bottom, the left or the right side of the browser.  This lends itself to be safari - esk where they want you to have a complete and unhindered browsing experience.  If you look simply upward you are welcomed with a simple and elegant single bar that will process a .com address or search a word in google.  This process has been tried before with Firefox and Opera however, it was often times hard to discern if the browser was going to search or attempt to complete the url.  Chrome battles these issues with a simple "search google" preface before the word you typed.  This makes life both easy and quick when it comes to finding what you need.

When it comes to browsers the entire world is concerned with the amount of memory that one takes up.  Firefox used to be a huge memory sucker, IE...don't even get me started (Beta 8 I sorta like),, and Safari...boring.  Chrome for the moment processes each seperate tab as another spot in memory which seems to speed up browsing and make the browser fairly stable for its beta itteration.  However, it does seem to take up more memory then trusty firefox but...for now atleast, it is a beta and should be a memory hog.  

This is a fairly simple run through of the browser but it must be said that the browser is itself, very simple.  However, this does not detract from a wonderful, clean and well thought out browser by the folks at Google.  With so many browsers populating the world most of the normal folks stick with trusty old IE but if Google can get its Chrome name out there then I think they have a good a chance of taking a large portion of the market.  Moreover, this will probably be the same browser we see on the Android setup later this year which will make the experience competetive for all us iphone safari users.  I say bring it, and bring it hard Google.  Complete that OS we all know you have in the works and grab that market share.  Shuttle PC, Google OS, Chrome, Lightened Simplicity.....utterly amazing.  

One last thing though....get this on the Mac port asap and I will browse with it every day.