Monday, October 6, 2008

Be Safe, Be Seen

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This link was forwarded to me by a very, very nice human being and the mere fact that I am about to rip it apart both saddens and titillates me. Yep, so we all know that this is voting season..or something like that and people seem to have some real problems when it comes to the folks who actually understand (I must admit, somewhat) the political system we are in.

Sure we all care about the economy right now; shit you gotta be an idiot not to care how these banks are spending your money. But are we sure that Toby McGuire knows that this election, I mean THIS election is going to decide the world? He said the world, and I mean he is some type of superhero so he MEANS the world. All these people who we watch on television are poking us in the rear to go and vote. It is super admirable but viral idea making during a time like this? I need to work my knuckles to the grind just to get by; I do not have time to go and VOTE! Come on folks, keep it together.