Thursday, October 16, 2008


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One thing that we are not too keen on here at Tkubed is lack of horsepower. If your technology or even your car (extends to bicycles) does not include a lot of rampaging horse powers then it is far from getting this blogs paltry seal of approval. I have actually decided to call give the seal, perhaps in hopes of raising its own sexiness and usability, some kind of acronym. Any good ideas out there? Shoot me a response and maybe you could WIN...maybe not but anything could happen.

Anyway, getting back on track, horsepower is not an absolute, it can be easily substitutued with a hefty amount of sexiness or sex. Worth mentioning: depending on the amount of sexiness a lot or a little is needed to substitute horspower (case by case basis). All of this babbling brings us to the point of Netbooks. They seem to be a very cool concept, expecially with a flavor of the linux month club. However, they seem to be a real let down when one surpasses the need for simple email, word, and internet surfing. Personally, they seem to just be a simple macbook air which after their last update blows most netbooks out of the water with it's bigger screen, thinness and horsepower all packaged quite nicely (please refrain from flaming about this concept, I know the Air is not a true nebook). Enter the Asus Eee C s101. It is a simplistic, sexy (who does not love the color brown?), and powerful little pc. With its 32gig ssd (16 for windows) and expansion slot for more memory you have a powerful little pc with a heaping amount of sexiness. Props to for a great preview.