Friday, October 24, 2008

A Mini Revival

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The MAc mini has seen its fair share of haters out there but Cnet, through a horrible article seems to think that it is going to make a return. Although the little scrumptious thing is a throwback to the Mac cube, it seems like it would be a fairly powerfull beast in the right hands. Sure it is not going to run your "run of the mill" high end games, cad software, etc but if you want a machine that does repetative tasks (ie torrenting) then these things would probably bring the house down. Actually I have been searching for a little box just like this to do all my home needs and a revision would sure be intriguing. However, in terms of dollars it would be much cheaper to throw some simple components in an ubuntu powered Shuttle and call it a day. Anyway, long live the mac mini and a great entry level computer for the pocket starving mac user.