Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Netbook worth it...Maybe

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HP guys, hp is back on the netbook bandwagon with their release of the Mini 1000 which is a bit of a knock off from their old Mini-Note 2133. However, this new guy has an all plastic shell, (aluminum was standard on the 2133 and is ridiculous on a netbook) web cam, 92 percent sized keyboard (great for NanoWrimoers), and a very functional and cool looking tack pad. Of course being a netbook all you anorexic freaks out there are drooling over the size. Well you should be happy that it crams itself into a 10.3 in (L) x 6.56 in (W) x 0.99 in (H) interesting designed, swirly 2.5 pound shell. You also seem to get a choice of an 8.2 or 10.2 screen with the same 1024 X 600 resolution, a 8, 16 gig SSD or 60 gig spinner, a sweet atom processor, and windows Xp home.

All and all the design of the shell, the size factor, the hope that winows 7 will fly on it, and the keyboard size should be what draws people in. At 399 it is a great deal and should be on most if not all of our netbook wish lists for the christmas season. Looks really cool folks and that is comming strait from the mouth of a certified netbook hater.