Wednesday, October 8, 2008


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It is really, really, big...yep. So big actually that we as a species pine to stuff space with random things. In the case concerning computers we attempt to stuff it with music, videos, documents, and other great files. The problem being that those files seem to simply get bigger and bigger without any kind of management committee or overhead budgeting office (much like the spending of the good ole US these days). And please feel free to not get US messed up with us.

Anyway, as blogs go we should be linking things to our community right? Well as a point to all of the above rambling, here...nope I meant here...nope here. Seems that Kingston has crammed a whooping amount of space into the size of a thumb drive and even gave it quite an attractive price. I thought my 8gig thumb drive was big but this is just plain sexy. With the shrinking size and raising space of flash drives these days it should not be long before my dual platter 2 tb usb hard drive could be considered a dinosaur.

Having only tested the SSD in a Asus EEE pc I must admit the flash drives are very quick and very appealing if there was one for 400 some odd dollars at the 240gig range. But since that is a completely rediculous thought for right now it looks like we are going to have to wait it out.